The Tactile field trials have finally started at the beginning of May in two locations: The Netherlands and Austria.

The goal of TACTILE is to help seniors keep mentally and socially fit, being in touch with their loved ones, even if they cannot see them physically.

During the field test, both the senior citizens themselves and their relatives each receiving mixed reality glasses (Magic Leap One). They will independently use the application to play multiplayer board games and/or doing sport with a TACTILE virtual avatar trainer.

Tactile participants during the workshop

In the previous workshops, TACTILE had a very good response from the target group. Now it is important to find out whether older people like to use glasses in everyday life and how well they support them in their social participation.

We are particularly pleased that we can start the field test despite Corona, which is mainly thanks to the commitment of the end-user organizations GedächtnistrainingsAkademie (AT) and Tante Louise (NL).