The second end-user workshops in March 2020

About this Workshop:

The Second Tactile end-user workshop will take place in March 2020. In this workshop, the second version of the Tactile Prototype will be provided to the limited group of users. Users can play and interact with the Tactile board games and avatar exercises.

The workshop will take place in two different countries. On the 10th of March in Austria and 25, 26, 27th of March in The Netherlands.

This workshop aims to collect the experiences and feedbacks of both primary and secondary users for further development of Tactile user interaction and user experience.

TACTILE Workshop at Tante Louise

On Tuesday 29th October, we are having our first workshop at Tante Louise day care facilities.In this workshop we will inform residence of 3 day care centers, Hof van Nassau, Moermont and Aen de Fonteyne, about TACTILE project, its goal and prgress.